Psychotherapy and Life Coaching

for  Children, Teens, and Women

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Life Coaching

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What is Life Coaching?  

Life Coaching may best be understood from a quote by Paul G. Thomas: 
"Help people become more motivated by guiding them to the source of their own power." 
Utilize an opportunity to have a partner as you challenge yourself to live the life you have always wanted and become the person you are.  Coaching is more goal-directed and achievement-oriented than therapy, although therapy may involve coaching at times.  Coaching is cheering, guiding, supporting, but not “medically necessary.”  Before issues become serious enough to require costly medical (e.g. medication, tests) and/or psychological intervention, coaching could be a short-term solution.   I am a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) trained in strategies to help people overcome roadblocks that have been keeping them from reaching their life goals.

What types of coaching do you offer?
Kid Koaching~You know your child is not depressed and does not have psychological problems, but still some things are a struggle!  We have all had our children listen when someone else says the same thing we have said to them at least a dozen times!  Coaching may keep that issue from happening again and again and again.  Do these seem familiar? Kid Koaching may involve only a couple of sessions to get your child back on the right path, or 6-8 sessions to complete bigger projects or goals.  Because kids often interpret parents' comments about goals as nagging, I can often say the same things in a way they can hear them and make the right choices.

Parent Coaching~If you just need more strategies and prefer to be more directly involved, I am more than happy to coach you on coaching your kids. Obviously, they did not come with instructions!  You may know what is not working, but you are out of ideas that do work.  Children really are different today than what they were like when you were a kid, and the same strategies your parents used are often ineffective.  

We can work together to develop a plan to bring peace back into your home and improve your relationship with your child.  This may involve one session in which I give you a few new ideas, or multiple sessions, depending on how long and entrenched the problems have become.

Coaching for Women~Women are often the ones helping everyone else achieve their goals.  I want to help you finally put yourself first and have a healthy level of selfishness to get what you want, making life better not just for you, but for everyone who is close to you.

You decide on the goals, and I will help you stay on track.  We can meet for one session to address one thing that has been obstructing your path, or we can meet regularly to address the steps of a bigger life goal.

Group Coaching~I was a participant in a coaching group, and it was very powerful!  Not only did I have the support and encouragement and new ideas of the group leader, but also of all of the group members.  Just like a basketball team (and about the same number of members), we cheered each other on and learned from each other.  Sometimes, the goals were similar, but they ranged from relationship (and parenting) goals to professional goals to health and wellness goals.  The momentum of one team member often inspired the others (and even the leader!).

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