Psychotherapy and Life Coaching

for  Children, Teens, and Women

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If you really put a small value upon yourself, rest assured that the world will not raise your price.  


Tree of Life    The Ash tree has been called the Tree of Life or World Tree.  These trees represent integration between the past, present, and future.  They produce key-like fruit for unlocking knowledge that we can't know intellectually, but only through expanded consciousness.  They have historically been associated with compassion, healing, transformation, and empowerment. 

We will work together in a relationship based on trust and mutually agreed-upon goals to re-build your self-worth.  Your confidentiality will be protected except when prohibited by law.  You will decide what you want to achieve, and I will help you get there with tools and strategies that fit your goals.

I offer the following services:

I am conveniently located near the Meridian Street exit of I-465 on the north side of Indianapolis.  Evening hours are available.  Feel free to contact me by phone at (317) 501-5381 for a FREE 30-minute consultation by phone or in person.

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